Razor Jack
The Master Barber in the heart of East London

With over 25 years in the industry, Jack specialises in providing an perfect experience for all,
covering anything from haircuts, straight razor shaves, and bespoke beard trims.

Come and say hello to Razor Jack in Brick Lane, where you will be greeted with
- a chilled complimentary soft drink or an expresso
- a complimentary fragranced hot towel
- a complimentary head massage with every visit
- a complimentary hair wash is also provided with each haircut


Razor Jack is famous for creating a relaxed environment for his clients and looks forward to making you look and feel your best at his bespoke barbershop in historic Brick Lane.

He will provide you with an expert haircut, skin fade, or crew cut to your specifications.

A complimentary hair wash is also provided with each haircut.

Make yourself comfortable in one of our traditional barbers chairs and let Razor Jack give you your best haircut ever.

Beard Packages

Razor Jack specialises in Beard Trims - come and be pampered by The Master Barber in Brick Lane.

Or try our Hot towel shave ,or 'Turkish shave' - the most enjoyable of our services for the discerning customer.

We will provide you with a complimentary head massage that will leave you having had the most relaxing shave or beard trim you have ever experienced.

Hot Towel Shave

Our Hot Towel Shave is legendary!

Your face will be wrapped in a fragranced hot towel which we leave for a few moments to allow you to relax, and let the heat do its business. Once the towel is removed, we start with the shave itself.

We apply a rich, velvety lather of shaving cream using one of our quality shaving brushes in a firm circular motion to get between the hair strands and to soften the beard.

Your shave will consist of short, light strokes with the razor. This is a 'chiseling' or shaping method. To prevent irritation, the shave will follow the grain for the first pass, then against or across the grain after lathering up for a second pass.

A Master Shave from the Master Barber - the ultimate barber experience!


Please see below for our walk-in prices. Direct bookings via our website are discounted 20%!

Product Description Price
HAIRCUTS Standard Haircut £25
Skin Fade £30
Crew Cut (0,1,2,3) £20
Kids under 12 £20
SHAVES Face Shave & Hot Towel £25
Beard Trim & Shape Up £20
Bulky Beard Trim & Shape Up £25
Head Shave £25
BUNDLES Haircut, Face Shave, & Hot Towel £50
Haircut, Beard Trim, & Shape Up £45
Haircut, Bulky Beard Trim, & Shape Up £50
Full Monty £55

Opening Hours

We are open 7 days a week

Monday - Friday 10:00-19:00
Saturday   10:00-18:00
Sunday   10:00-17:00

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